What I'm Wearing:  Blazer ( Oxygen ), Versace Print Longsleeves ( Versace ), Yellow Jeans  ( Versace )  Hype this on (Lookbook)
Been thinking that day what I’m gonna wear, I opened my closet and I’d just pick what I see first. Truly love the Versace prints  and I was like a traffic enforcer with the color combination though. T'was a pretty good day to celebrate the success of my brother in passing CPA Board Exam. We attended the Oath-taking of New CPA's last wednesday at PICC. It took 5 hours and I slept there maybe 2 hours, put my shades on while listening music with my tablet. Two ladies just woke me up when oath-taking gonna start. Anyways, Kudos to my lil' bro fro grabbing the new job as a Part Time Professor of the College of Business Administration-University of Nothern Philippines, my alma mater.

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