TAMAYAKI offers quality Takoyaki and refreshing Tea. Their Takoyaki variants are a combination of traditional Japanese recipe prepared in a patented induction heating device. By carefully combining ingredients and flavours from various countries, they have successfully created different flavours of Takoyaki suitable to the local palate. TAMAYAKI is an enhanced version of the traditional Takoyaki. Their delicious Takoyaki has a distinctive crispy exterior with juicy and tender fillings.

They served the Tamayaki sampler that day so I wasn/t able to distinguish which ball was which flavor. So I will definitely be back to take more photos and hopefully, have decent pictures of what’s inside their Takoyaki balls. They pile on so much bonito flakes and nori strips you don't actually see the individual balls anymore.

Each order contains 4 Takoyaki balls placed in a cute cardboard box. It’s very easy to take out in case you’re in a hurry.

 Here's a shot of their menu for the balls and drinks with competitive prices.