Gucci Resort Collection 2013

In its easiest terms, Resort dress refers to a style of dress one would find in an upscale setting at a beach resort or country club. Going on vacation is usually a fun and exciting time. If you are going to a beach resort, you can look forward to days by the water in a bathing suit, soaking up the sun. This reflects the new collection of Gucci Resort Collection 2012. The designer’s inspiration, for the line, originated from the Flora print (a fifties Gucci scarf made for Grace Kelly). For this collection, designer Frida Giannini chose to play with vintage silhouettes that are revamped through the use of modern elements and colors, designs that maintain that resort allure, but seem perfect for urban-wear also. The fact that versatility dominates the collection makes it even more alluring, so enjoy the wonderfully displayed garments and draw inspiration for your new season look.

Photos courtesy of Vogue 


  1. Love this collection. It definitely has the glamor of Grace Kelly.

  2. Such an inspiring collection! it defines class & elegance.