L I V E I T U P...

The days are longer and warmer, the party days are booked and all we need now is a whole new look and wardrobe to celebrate the joy of being outdoors. The Aztec prints are all over the stores and you are spoilt for choice.

In fact Aztec prints come in many patterns. colours, styles and on almost any item you can wear: t-shirt, shirts, shorts, hats and even underwear.

Thus, Folded and Hung, Topman and Forever 21  are my choices, plays a lot of printed clothing that can boosts confidence for men.

Wearing any type of prints is a delicate balancing act. You don’t want to look like a fool and a clown so DON’T wear a print from head to toe, especially if it’s as bold and flashy as the Aztec.

What I’m Wearing: Cap (H.E. by Mango), Aztec Crew Neck Jacket (Folded and Hung), Denim Pants (Wrangler), Socks (Topman) and Ankle boots (Signor)

Hype this on Lookbook: (HERE)

As you can see even a print as the Aztec that at a first glance seems scary, too bold and over the top, can be easily worn and enjoyed! :D



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  2. love the tribal top matched with your case.. :)