I spent a day of summer at Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. Yes!. T'was unplanned, yet very memorable experience me had, 5 hours of travel from manila. Laiya is such a good place where you can swim, hike and delike, all in one place. 
There's a lot of resorts there but only one striked my eye, "La Luz Beach resort". I really love blueness and clarity of the seawater there, comparing to boracay now they need coliform testing now. As you can see on the frame, we hike rocky mountain just to feel the ambiance and overlook the Laiya    horizon, it;s worth the climb.

What I'm Wearing: Red/Orange Tank Top (DIY shirt), Accessories ( SM Accessories), Blue Pants ( TOPMAN) Boots (Tundra). Hype This on (LOOKBOOK)


  1. Very nice look! :)