Extraordinary Moisture for Extraordinary Women

More and more women are discovering the potent benefits of using Physiogel, the No. 1 dermatologist-prescribed moisturizer in the Philippines. To emphasize its clinically proven capabilities, the brand gathered three extraordinary women--- all breast-cancer fighters--- to shed light on their struggles against the disease all while feeling and looking their best.

The remarkable women are Patty B. Balquiedra, 44, a blogger, online entrepreneur and a mother of two; Alya B. Honasan, a veteran editor and writer for newspapers, magazines, and books. She is also a certified Iyengar yoga teacher, an avid scuba-diver, an occasional theater actor, and a doting mom to her dog Kikay; and Michee Cadhit, head of the customer service and international relations department of The Medical City and a mother of three.

Asked about her thoughts when she was first diagnosed, Patty, who “graduated” from her radiation treatment in February, replies:

“I was very calm but I immediately went into fight mode. I wanted to know what had to be done, when and how. I felt like my body had been invaded by a really nasty enemy and I wanted to get rid of that enemy fast. I wanted to work closely with my doctors and be as informed as possible, before making any final decisions. When the anger (towards the cancer) died down, I began to feel scared and thought of my family, most especially my children and what would happen to them if anything happened to me.”

For her part, Alya, who is still undergoing treatment, professes to be one tough cookie:

“I have become a renewed believer in gut feel since I was diagnosed, because I had a feeling I had cancer as soon as the mammogram yielded ambiguous results. But after I was officially diagnosed, after my biopsy and before my surgery, my first thoughts were on the chances of my survival, as we still wouldn't know what stage I was until after surgery, and what this was going to cost me emotionally, physically, and financially. Frankly, the thought of dying wasn't as frightening as I thought it would be. And believe it or not, again, I was glad it was me, and not any of my loved ones or dear friends who had husbands and small children whose lives could be destroyed if they went. I actually thought at one point, so this is why I don't have kids! Also, back to that gut feel—I felt I was going to beat this, completely. I already knew that I was indubitably stronger than cancer. I'm a tough cookie.”

Michee, a “graduate” just a few weeks ago, shares:

“I was alone when told by the radiology consultant of a ‘serious problem’ seen in my mammo and ultrasound, but I remained very composed. Even without a biopsy done, I knew what it was. I cried heavily that afternoon for fear of the unknown. Yet I also knew that I should be strong. The sooner I accepted the fact (of my diagnosis), the easier it was for me to move on. My experience of having a special child helped me cope well. I adapted the same way in handling my special daughter’s condition. As soon as she was diagnosed with her rare genetic disorder, the sooner we initiated all the necessary interventions. We no longer gave ourselves time to wallow over the misery of her condition. The attitude my husband and I had was always very positive. We both considered the diagnosis at an early stage as a true blessing.”

“Each day is a gift – I don’t remind myself about my breast cancer when I wake up each day. It’s something that stays with you forever and it’s like a thought that’s always in the back of your head. Since that’s the case, I now wake up each day, thankful for the chance to get out of bed and do what I need to do. Every day that I’m alive is a chance for me to do right, serve and please God, take care of my family, love myself, show people how much I appreciate them. I’m 10 times more thankful for every little thing that happens and I now want to make the most of every single day, as a way to show my thanks to God for this second chance at life,” Patty says. 

“Cancer taught me the value of life in its simplest and most beautiful form. It taught me to appreciate the simplest blessings of each day brings. That family, friends and relationships are the most important in one's life. Hence, we should treasure as many fond memories and fruitful relationships with them,” Michee muses.

Alya agrees: “I can already say, unequivocally, that cancer is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Really. It has taught me to take it easy and live again, in the true sense of the word. Although I ate healthy and exercised, my stress levels before I got diagnosed were bordering on the insane. There never seemed to be enough time to do the things that had to be done. Cancer gave me the gift of perspective, and realizing that some things are just more important than money and achievement. It gave me the gift of humility to realize that I cannot always be in complete control of my life and my future, and that's fine. And it gave me the gift of gratitude, really, for all the love that has been shown me, for the good things I have, and for knowing with renewed certainty that God has been holding my hand throughout all this.”

As these three cancer fighters know, having dry skin after breast cancer radiation treatment is an inconvenient aftereffect. Patty, Alya and Michee suffer from dry, flaky, itchy and sunburn-like skin after each session.

Physiogel, however, helps them get relief from their discomfort. Alya swears by the efficiency of the product, moreso because it was endorsed by her personal surgeon. Michee, meanwhile, uses Physiogel to ease the scars and rashes caused by radiation. Last, Patty knew about the virtues of the product long before she underwent chemotherapy.

As part of its advocacy in supporting breast cancer patients, portion of the proceeds of the Physiogel sales for October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, will go to the I Can Serve Foundation.

Physiogel is the No. 1 dermatologist-prescribed moisturizer according to the Philippine Medical Data Index (PMDI MAT 2012) and is available in leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. It is also available in handy 10ml sachets. Ask your dermatologist and pediatrician about Physiogel.

For more information, visit www.physiogel.ph/ or www.facebook.com/PhysiogelPH

Nokia Lumia 1020 arrives inthe Philippines Get closer than ever before with the smartphone camera that reinvents zoom

Manila – Nokia today unveiled the Nokia Lumia 1020in the Philippines, the smartphone that sets a new benchmark in smartphone imaging.
The Nokia Lumia 1020 is able to produce some of the sharpest images possible by any digital camera thanks to Nokia’s innovative Pure View technology, including a second generation 41 megapixel sensor, six lens Carl Zeiss optics with optical image stabilization – allowing people to capture, edit and shareprofessional quality photos and videos.
Using a new application called Nokia Pro Camera, the Nokia Lumia 1020 reinvents zoom, enabling people to shoot first and then zoom later to discover and re-discover stories that contain more detail than the eye can see. With a beautiful interface that visually demonstrates how settings will affect the final photo or video, Nokia Pro Camera simplifies features usually reserved for professional cameras and teaches people how to take better photographs.

“Consumers want to capture and share memorable experiences with their smartphone. We want to take people on a journey from capturing pictures to recording and sharing their lives. The Nokia Lumia 1020 brings new meaning to pictures and continues to strengthen Nokia’s leadership in imaging.The Nokia Lumia 1020 is the first smartphone to exceed many standalone digital cameras in terms of image quality capture ensuring users always have that perfect photo – day or night,” saidGary Chan, Head of Marketing, Pan Asia, Nokia .
The Nokia Lumia 1020 is the most versatile digital camera in the market today. Its unique dual capture feature simultaneously takes a high resolution 38 megapixel image for endless editing opportunities, and creates a 5 megapixel picture that is easy to share on social networks with Windows Phone 8.
“The Nokia Lumia 1020 marks a giant leap forward in smartphone photography. With its 41 megapixel sensor and Nokia Pro Camera app, the Nokia Lumia 1020 boosts creativity and makes it easier to shoot, edit and share pictures with unrivaled clarity,” saidChan.
Delivering crystal clear pictures even in low light conditions, the Nokia Lumia 1020 also captures blur-free videos with stereo sound at the loudest concerts thanks to the Nokia Rich Recording feature, which handles sound pressure levels six times louder than conventional smartphone microphones.
With over 175,000 apps, the personal nature of Windows Phone makes it the perfect platform for the Nokia Lumia 1020, showcasing live images on the Start screen with the Photos tile, quick sharing to social networks, and easy access to files across a number of devices with SkyDrive. With a dedicated camera button, Windows Phone is designed with imaging in mind.
The Nokia Lumia 1020 also features leading Nokia services. There is the leading HERE suiteof integrated location services, including HERE Maps with augmented reality and featuring LiveSight making it quick and easy to find new places to take photos.
Nokia Camera Grip
To ensure fun and easy photo-taking, Nokia created the Nokia Camera Grip, an accessory designed to perfectly fit the Nokia Lumia 1020 and making it easier to get the shot you want, especially single-handed. The Camera Grip includes a built-in, rechargeable 1020 mAh battery to capture up to 285 more photos.The versatile Nokia Camera Grip can attach to any standard camera tripod for those moments when you to take self-portraits or for setting-up the perfect long-exposure shot.
Price and availability
Starting from 11 October 2013, in select GMA stores, and the rest of the country soon after, the Nokia Lumia 1020 will be available in yellow, white and black at a price of PHP 35,650 with the free Nokia Camera Grip (valued at P4,000 but will not be sold separately) through Nokia Stores, authorized retailers and local operators with attractive data plans.

Do The Macaroon Dance! Red Ribbon on track to build first public school

Loyal consumers and fans of Red Ribbon gathered in The Block at SM North as the renowned bakeshop unveiled a new dance craze,The Macaroon Dance. This new dance craze featuresApl.de.Ap, member of the world-famous band The Black Eyed Peas.

Red Ribbon invited their audience to groove to the music especially made for Red Ribbon's Macaroons for a Cause.

Red Ribbon’s new pastry gives you not only coconut goodness in creamy perfection,but also helpsincrease the Filipino youth's access to education. Each pack of 10 sells foronly PhP 50. For every purchase, P7 will go to the Apl.de.Ap Foundation’s cause of building a public high school

In The Block at SM North, Red Ribbon prepared quite a treat for their fans.ChinoLazaro, Brand Manager, shared updates on the goal of Red Ribbon, Apl.de.Ap Foundation and Franklin Baker Company, to sell 4.2 million packs of Macaroons for a Cause.

“The Macaroons For A Cause has received an overwhelming response since we have launched the product 2 months ago. Every pack of macaroon sold brings us closer to achieving our goal to build a school in the hopes of molding globally-competitive youth in the Philippines,” he shares.

Apl.de.Apor Allan Pineda has personally experienced the impact of having a goodeducation. He shares, “With an education, you can be anything. [Education] is the way out of poverty”.

The members of the audience were given a sneak preview of Red Ribbon’s Macaroon Dance, which will be launched online on September 22, 2013in YouTube.

Macaroons For A Cause was launched by Red Ribbon along with Apl.de.Ap Foundation and Franklin Baker Company of the Philippines to put up a public school that focuses on shaping the youth and enhancing their skills in music and technology. Red Ribbon aims to reach its 4.2 million target in 2 years.

Over 600 high school students will benefit from the first public school built by this partnership

TECHNOMARINE : It’s Time, Their Moment Has Come

Everyone who aspires for greatness carries deep within their hearts the belief that their time will come. Regardless of the field they wish to establish themselves in, the humble beginnings they start off with, or the impact they hope to make, everyone longs for the day when they can say with an indubitable sense of knowing that they’ve “made it.”
As luck—and passion and hard work—would have it, the following people are among the biggest names in their respective fields. Having grown in more ways than mere celebrity and fame, these individuals are at the top of their game and their time is now. Ladies and gentlemen, Bianca Gonzalez, Kiefer Ravena, Phil Younghusband, and Heart Evangelista have arrived.


            Bianca Gonzalez is a TV host, fashion magazine editor, and media personality whose voice resonates with the Filipino youth. Through her blog, her hosting, her Sunday lifestyle column, or the various talks she gives, she has become an opinion leader – an eminent force in the media encouraging the youth to become active and involved. With so many projects on her hands, she is continuously growing and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. The perfect mix of strength and femininity, Bianca personifies TechnoMarine’s Cruise Ceramic line. Though ceramic has a smooth and sensual exterior, its precise craftsmanship ensures its strength and durability but with a beautiful finish – much like the strong female voice that is Bianca.


            Kiefer Ravena is a young basketball player for the Ateneo Blue Eagles, whose exceptional skills and performance on the court have earned him nicknames such as “The Phenom” or “Blue Mamba”. Though only a junior in college, Kiefer’s basketball resume includes playing for the national team in 2011’s SEA Games, Rookie of the Year in his freshman year, as well as two UAAP championships so far. For all he has helped achieve for the Ateneo community, he has become more than just a star player but a school hero, inspiring hope for another championship title. An unstoppable force on the court and student slash homegrown celebrity off it, Kiefer epitomizes the Steel Evolution watch – TechnoMarine’s next generation steel chronograph that features colored sub dials against a cool steel face as well as TechnoMarine’s signature interchangeable strap system, making it versatile enough to suit any occasion. A watch that’s sporty yet fits in a smart environment – perfect for a college basketball hero.


            Phil Younghusband is arguably the biggest name in Philippine football, offering his talents to the Philippine Azkals and the Loyola Meralco Sparks Football Club. It was during his time with the Azkals that football really started to gain a following in the country. In order to further plant the seeds of its growth, Phil and his brother put up the Younghusband Football Academy to enhance the skills of young Filipino footballers. Like many professional players, his following is not limited to the die-hard football fans that flock to pubs to watch games; one of the country’s favorite faces, this British-Filipino has sparked the interest of female fans as well. An athlete and a heartthrob, nothing suits Phil better than TechnoMarine’s Black Reef collection – a masculine, oversized watch full of energy and testosterone. Drawing inspiration from one of the best diving spots in the world, the Black Reef collection features the vibrant colors of the underwater spectacle and is the perfect water-resistant, high-powered luxury sport watch for diving and all kinds of adventure. The Black Reef is the watch for the trailblazers – like Phil, who has begun to make waves in Philippine football.

            Though Heart Evangelista has been in the show business scene for over a decade, her career is as colorful as ever. An actress, TV host, singer, VJ, and commercial model, Heart has dabbled in many creative outlets and found success in all her endeavors. The celebrated star has grown up in front of the camera and her fans, from the sweet girl-next-door to a full-fledged actress with prestigious awards under her belt. Much like Heart’s point in her career, the Cruise Treasure Quest with Diamonds of TechnoMarine brings a new twist to an old favorite. Following the success of the Cruise Treasure timepieces, the Treasure Quest with Diamonds ups its predecessor with its luxury elements such as Mother of Pearl, pink gold, white diamonds, and blue sapphires – the glitz and glamour of which will sweep you into a fantasy. An artiste who paves her own path, Heart holds her own as she embarks on the treasure quest to success.

            At the heart of these awe-inspiring stories is the underlying fact that their time came while doing what they loved. It is clear that with passion, hard work, and determination, success can’t be too far round the corner. When we begin to do things we’re passionate about and use our talents to the best of our abilities, then we find fulfillment. Why wait forever for to be on top of our game? TechnoMarine believes that our time is now.  

Rains International launches Skullcandy Crusher

Rains International Corporation excitedly launches the newest and coolest headphone model from Skullcandy; the “CRUSHER” at DC Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

Crusher is an over the ear headphone designed by Skullcandy and was developed to bring new technology to headphones and bass-bliss to music lovers. Having the Sensation55™ bass extension driver to deliver powerful and realistic supreme sound bass experience that gives the sensation of feeling the bass vibrating in your ears to your cheeks.

This headphone has a slider on the left ear cup to adjust the bass response to your preference. It comes in three plastic contour color options—black, white and red. Like the other SC headphone models, the ear cups and the underside of the headband are well padded. A detachable cable serves as a remote control and microphone for mobile devices. It is also stashable, easy to fold down to its nylon drawstring pouch.

Rains International Corporation together with venue partner DC introduces Crusher headphone that deliver high-definition supreme sound giving the bass you can feel to the Philippine market, conducting an on-site testing of the unit for media and the general public to try, feel it and believe it and to review this new addition to Skullcandy’s coolest designed headphones.

Skullcandy accessories are prizes given away to those who tried the headphone and a chance to win a CRUSHER signed by James Harden to those who will purchase any Skullcandy products from September 28, 2013 to October 31, 2013 at any DC stores. Announcement of the winner will be on October 31, 2013.

This model’s SRP is at Php. 5,500.00 and is now available in all DC stores nationwide.

Closeup Brings Back Summer in November

Can’t get over summer?  You’re not alone, Closeup is bringing back the heat this November with a party that promises to make it feel like summer forever.

Taking off from last April’s hit summer music festivalCloseup Summer Solstice, this November 9th,Closeup is set to throw the freshest beach party in the city withnon-stop music by local favorites and international artists.Dubbed as Closeup Forever Summer, the party will have pools and various water elements, giving off that summer beach vibe—so people, prepare to get wet!

“Summer has always been the ultimate time to be young, let loose, and get close.  So we thought that everybody should have another one.  We don’t care if it’s November, for us it’ll always be forever summer,” says Closeup Brand Manager Gem Laforteza.

True to the soundtrack of summer, Closeup Forever Summer will be headlined by Foxes, the voice behind this year’s EDM youth anthem, “Clarity”.  Also taking the stage is one of thefreshest femaleDJ duos internationally, Rebecca & Fiona, as well as local DJs Ace Ramos and Mars Miranda.

Summer Anthem

Louisa Rose Allen, more popularly known as Foxes,is known for her vocal work on Zedd’s hitEDM single “Clarity.” The song quickly became this year’s global summer anthem having beenremixed bythe industry’s cream of the crop DJs, played in clubs and music festivals all around the world. Foxes’ otherhit songs “Youth,” ”Warrior”and “White Houses” garnered her a coveted spot on this year’s iTunes New Artist to Look Forward To.  With Foxes up on stage you will definitely feel like it’s going to be forever summer.

Rebecca & Fiona are a Grammy-winning female duofrom Sweden—beating out Avicii and Swedish House Mafia for a Swedish Grammy in 2011.Known to drive crowds wild with their voice and mixing, the duo has frequented the hottest summer parties in the world, most notably the Marquee Day Club in Las Vegas and Ibiza’s hottest clubs. 

Joining the Closeup Forever Summer lineup are local favorites DJ Mars Miranda and DJ Ace Ramos. Both household names in the local club scene, DJs Mars and Ace will be performing a much-anticipated duo set. Local band Taken By Cars, and Closeup’s own Aia De Leon andNights Of Rizal will also be performing.

The Best Time To Get Close

“It’s going to be one epic summer party!  I can’t believe we’re going to get to do this one more time before we end the year,” says Colleen Garcia, one of Closeup’s endorsers featured in the brand’sfreshest TV commercial with Enrique Gil.

Closeup Forever Summer will take place on November 9, Saturday atBonifacio Global City Lot 1 Federacion Drive corner 9th Avenue. Tickets will be sold atSM Ticket outlets startingOctober 2.It’s the ultimate party to get close with all Closeup Forever Summer tickets being sold in pairs – buy one and get the other one free!

VIP Tickets go for PHP 1,500 and Gold Tickets at PHP 1,000.  SVIP Tables will be available through Republiq at 0917 550 8888 or 8560914.

Closeup Forever Summer is sponsored by Folded and Hung, Havaianas, MYX, Bonifacio Global City, Republiq, and Yellow Brick Media.Stay closer for longer only with Closeup Forever Summer.

Lee celebrates spirit of craftsmanship with Denim DIY Workshop

With Lee’s landmark 125th anniversary fast approaching, the iconic American Jeans brand has raised a call to arms among Manila’s fashionistas with a Denim DIY Craftsmanship Workshop at the hip URBN Bar that also kicks off the Lee Style Army Competition.

Eight future fashion industry leaders and stylish celebrities were selected for their passion for denim and for being embodiments of Lee’s Stay Curious spirit: Sculptor-fashion designer Leeroy New, visual and tattoo artist Sarah Gaugler, designer and muralist Deejae Paeste, Pro-formula racers Michelle Bumgarner and Mark Bumgarner, designer Jerome Lorico, and fashion blogger and accessory designer Paul Jatayna.

At the workshop, they will be given the chance to discover the many possibilities of denim by customizing pieces that represent their personality and sense of style. Each piece will then be featured at the Lee Denim Exhibit during Philippine Fashion Week on Oct 25, 2013, 6 pm at the Atrium, SM Mall of Asia.

A testament to the versatility and universal appeal of the denim, the workshop will feature work stations where participants will get to experience fading, staining, whiskering, patching, grinding, and embellishing a piece of Lee original zip-fly jeans. Here, they have the opportunity to create jeans that they can truly call their own, and become modern artisans reliving the spirit of denim craftsmanship, which Lee has inspired for more than a hundred years.

"We need that feeling, the emotion and personal expression that for a brand like ours, is critically expressed through the fabric. Denim is intriguing and unique in that it can truly reflect the personality of the wearer - the little scrapes, scuff, tears and frays, the way it gets better with ages and over time becomes part of the person it clothes,” Lee EMEA Head of Design Gerald Bultot explained.

Through the workshop, Lee celebrates the spirit of craftsmanship by inviting fashion students and aspiring design professionals to learn about denim culture and discover their creative potential.

True to its Stay Curious campaign, the legendary brand continues to ignite the passions of individuals, inspiring them to look beyond the ordinary, take a step into the unexplored and live out their dreams through fashion.

bebe Pre-Fall 2013 “California Sentiment"

Get ready and get set as the doors to the first ever bebe store here in Manila opens July 25, 2013 at the level one of the  Shangri-la Plaza Mall, bringing its much-awaited pre-fall line “California Sentiments” to Philippine shores.

Founded by Manny Mashouf, bebe is known for its bandage dresses, bright prints and colors, flattering dresses and tops. Its signature look of hip, sophisticated, body-conscious fashion is the ultimate expression of style.

The bebe brand's first store opened in San Francisco in 1976, catering to the needs of the confident, sexy, modern woman. Today, bebe has established itself as one of the world’s top fashion retailers, with over 250 retail stores and more than 100 international-licensee operated stores.

bebe was brought to the Philippines by the RSH Group, who has been the licensee of bebe in Asia and the Middle East, and who has finally answered the demand of the modern Filipina for a brand that is exclusively for women that offers high-quality and trend-right products.

The bebe brand attracts customers who are intrigued by the playfully sensual and evocative imagery of the bebe lifestyle. The bebe woman is not defined by mere looks – she is defined by her attitude: assertive, sexy and stylish. Confident and cutting edge, this is exactly what a the modern Filipina embodies, coupledwith a dash of sophistication and knowledgeable fashion choices.

bebe's pre-fall collection, “California Sentiment”, brings out the sexy confidence of the modern woman, who is the epitome of living the sensual and sophisticated lifestyle. Inspired by the classic ‘70s Americana, bright colors and captivating prints, added to the iconic Route 66 road-trip-type vibe, which spans across the United States from Los Angeles to Chicago. bebe’s “California Sentiment” collection features a fabulous variety of day, evening and activewear that stays true to the brand’s sophisticated and sexy style with complimentary cuts that flatter every body type. With lace-up details and glamorous high-shine, enhanced by an earthy, transitional summer-to-fall palette of deep red, gold and warm neutrals, the “California Sentiment” line gives us the look and vibe of the distinct, sensual, Southern California woman.

Bodycon dresses and miniskirts, cutout dresses, flowing high-low dresses, moto jackets, embellished denim, sheer blouses and peplum tops make up the key pieces of the “California Sentiment” line. Add a little mixed metallic jewellery with chain details and hammered treatments for that signature bebe glamour the brand is known for.

Statement-making, aztec prints bring contemporary fashion into the closets of the classic bebe woman, with woven-trim handbags and quilted platform heels that round out the line for that head-to-toe chic and chill Southern California style.

Bodycon dresses and miniskirts, cutout dresses, flowing high-low dresses, moto jackets, embellished denim, sheer blouses and peplum tops make up the key pieces of the “California Sentiment” line. Add a little mixed metallic jewellery with chain details and hammered treatments for that signature bebe glamour the brand is known for.

bebe women can expect to find new and exciting products from the bebe Philippines store every week, plus a new collection every month! For more information and updates, visit the bebe Philippines Facebook page at facebook.com/BebePhilippines, and follow bebe Philippines on Instagram and twitter at @bebePhilippines

The bebe California Sentiment collection is now available at the bebe boutique:
Ground Floor, Shangri-la Plaza, EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

bebe is exclusively distributed by RSH MARKETING PHILIPPINES, INC. a subsidiary of RSH Limited.

Giordano Philippines Opens First Korean-Inspired Store

Giordano store presents its newest celebrity endorsers- Korean actors So Ji-Sub and Shin Min Ah of “What Happened in Bali” and “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox” fame, respectively.
Giordano opens its first Korean-themed store in the Philippines, marking the first wave of K-Fashion choices in Giordano Philippines shores.

Located in Shoppesville, Greenhills, a prime spot for lovers of fashion, the new store carries items from Giordano Hong Kong and now, Korea.

The first collection from Korea will feature an assortment of cotton-blend pique polos for men and muted solid cotton tops in premium slub and polyester-blend fabrics for women. 
The second wave of Korean style pieces is slated to arrive in Giordano Philippines stores nationwide this October.

Alongside the store’s launch, Giordano will introduce its sister brand, BSX or Beyond Style Exchange.  BSX offers American street casual wear for the young and trendy fashion innovators.  The brand is known for interpreting the hottest styles in a refined fashion and offering them at reasonable prices. Characterized by bright colors, layers and over-all functionality, BSX is all about relaxed fun.
BSX’s first offering will be a collection of colorful pique polos and tees. Tees in solid colors, stripes and raglan sleeves will hit the store racks together with an array of colorful shorts for young men and women to make the perfect pairing. 
The introduction of the new Giordano store also presents its newest celebrity endorsers- Korean actors So Ji-Sub and Shin Min Ah of “What Happened in Bali” and “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox” fame, respectively.

Playball collection

With sports season on a full swing in the country, Giordano pays tribute with its Playball campaign – a colorful take to sporty fashion. The collection showcases varsity-inspired pieces and features relaxed knit separates as well.

Key items for men include the baseball tee which features raglan sleeves and super-soft jersey. Henley details, stripes that are reminiscent of baseball uniforms and heather yarns add an authentic element, while cotton/poly blends contribute to the soft, vintage-y vibe.
Of course, no varsity-inspired collection will be complete without the college varsity jacket available for men and women. Chic sweatshirts in muted, pastel colors are also available.


The Network for Enterprising Women (N.E.W.) was established in 2006 to champion the enterprising spirit of the modern Filipina.  Its membership includes women owners and entrepreneurs, and leaders of businesses in various industries and sectors.  N.E.W.serves as a powerful support group for women  where they have the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and share best industry practices.

The organization regularly plans events as venue for the members to network. One such event is the Fashion and Beauty Fair which would be held at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City.  The two-weekend event takes place on October 12 & 13 and on October 19 & 20, 2013 and is aimed to gather Local Fashion Designers, Fashion Schools, Brands, Entrepreneurs, Manufacturers and Retailers. 

Special highlights of the event are fashion shows by some of the Prestigious Fashion Schools like iAcademy and FADAL Manila.  We have Fashion Designers likeJohn and Paul Herrera of House of Herrera, Pia Gladys Perey of PGP Collections, Kim Gan of Gakuya and a lot more. The Beauty Expo is sponsored by Fabio Salsa, Status Hair Salon, Jericho, Organi, Zen Institute, Center for Aesthetic Studies to name a few. There will also be talks and make-overs which will be given by notable fashion, image experts and entrepreneurs such asMs.Geolette Esguerra and Ms.CharmagneLaconico of Metro Magazine, Ms. Miriam Quiambao - Miss Universe 1999 First Runner Up, Ms. Alice Dixson former beauty queen/actress/model, and Dra. MJ Torres of Zen Institute.

Interesting topics that the speakers will address are Fashion, Beauty, PR & Marketing, Finance and Entrepreneurship.

This event will not be possible if not from our generous sponsors: ETC, Zen Institute, Metro Magazine, Chalk Magazine, Working Mom, Fabio Salsa, Status Hair Salon, Center for Aesthetic Studies, Gala Magazine, Palladium, Maya, Pro Access, MBCI, I Do Nails, French Baker, Angel's Kitchen Bistro, Jericho, Organi, Circuit Magazine, Ideal Vision, Boracay Tropics and Reiseling Boracay Beach Resort.

Real UnliCHAT Experience with Globe’s GoUnli30

With smartphones becoming the norm rather than the exception, instant chat and messaging apps have sprouted to take advantage of the smartphone's ability to help you stay connected anytime, anywhere using the power of the Internet.

Some of these Internet-based messaging apps that have skyrocketed in popularity are Viber, KakaoTalk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line. All the apps are full-featured that you are able to make calls and send messages as long as you are connected to the Internet. Which app you'll choose as your main messaging app will depend largely on your contacts, as you'll end up using the app your friends are using, too.

While these apps level up the messaging experience, users need to be connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G internet connection to enjoy them. Don’t wait for a Wi-Fi spot or be charged with additional data charges with the latest prepaid bundles from Globe Telecom, the telco who understands that staying connected is not a luxury, but now a daily necessity.

With GoUNLI30, subscribers get unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited calls to Globe/TM, and unlimited access to messaging apps Viber, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and the telco’s very own messaging app GMessage without the need for Wi-Fi or additional data charges. Available for only P30 valid for 1 day, GoUNLI30 gives you no excuse to stay out of the loop and connect with more than 1 billion users around the world regardless of mobile network or location.
If you and your friends prefer messaging exclusively via the apps, you can save even more: UNLICHAT25 gives you uninterrupted and boundless access to Viber, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, and GMessage for only P25 a day. 

Go all-out unlimited with GoUNLI30 and UNLICHAT25 now. Register by dialing *143# and then choosing GoSAKTO on your Globe mobile phone or texting GOUNLI30 or UNLICHAT25 to 8888.

BURGER KING: Battle of the Stacks King Eating Contest

Calling out all the Dudes, Bosses, Chiefs and Kings! 

Are you man enough to take on the Burger King Stacks? Show us!

Get a man-sized fries and man-sized drink FOR FREE! Plus, a chance to win P50,000 cash

Just prove to us why do you deserve to be the King of Stacks and upload your video here:

Last day of entries is on Oct 13,2013, so hurry! :)
*Visit http://www.facebook.com/burgerkingph to find out more!
*Follow them on Twitter and Instagram too… @burgerkingph