Fashion Tips for Rainy Days

Rainy Season is still here yet numerous typhoons and monsoons unexpectedly hitting the country.  It’s hard to decide what to wear on the streets during the worst of the monsoons. Today’s fashion conscious people love to follow latest trends and styles. They want to look stylish and elegant in every season. Of course they wouldn’t want to sacrifice fashion during rainy season. It is important for you to be vigilant of things you are wearing like clothes, accessories and footwear in order to ensure that you could look stylish and do not end up looking soggy. Rainy season is a perfect time to shop flip flops, shorts, hats and other accessories and experiment every day. The rainy season is upon us once again, but for all you fashionistas out there, this doesn’t mean you have to stop being stylish and dressing up altogether. 

For cold rainy weather choose a waterproof leather boot with a sheepskin lining Even though they keep your feet warm and dry, they are also breathable. You should opt for boots or rubber slippers instead. Leather is a big “no-no” during the rains. Your expensive leather or suede shoes may get spoiled completely.
Carrying protective gear to stay safe from rains is an absolute must for all. After all, you would not want your favourite dress to get spoiled. Always carry a folding umbrella or raincoat with you. It is always better to carry an over sized umbrella than get wet and resemble a scarecrow

Ransack your wardrobe and dig out clothes in bright colours. Rainy season is known for dark gloomy clouds. Do not let the weather bog you down. Instead, don bright colours that will not only make you look good but also help to lift your dampened spirits. It is advisable to carry big plastic bags during rains

Big bags are required to carry your umbrella or raincoat. After all, you would not want to be stranded in the rains without one. Keep your nice suede or velvet bags for other occasions. Stick to plastic during the rains as they require zilch maintenance. Hope you find these tips useful!