Studio Boheme is a retail establishment specializing in unique and hard-to-find leather products 
such as bags, shoes and accessories. In addition to offering ready-made items, they also provide the more adventurous (and creative) a chance to design your own creations with their made-to-order service – no need to fear seeing the same bag or shoes in the hands (or feet) of another.

Studio Boheme currently carries two brands: Glenmore Shoes and Honeybadger Bags & Shoes.
Glenmore Shoes has been around since the 60s, specializing in leather footwear: boots, boat shoes, sandals and pumps. Known for the moniker “Shoes for the Stars”, Glenmore Shoes has been the perpetual favorite of “showbiz” personalities.

Honeybadger Bags & Shoes take classic designs such as satchels and boat shoes and re-imagine those using different materials and color combinations – this result in creations that are both modern and timeless.
Aside from goods, they also offer repair services: leather bags and shoes (and even wrist watch straps) that have been bruised, abused or were just well worn can be given new life – they promise to make them as good as new, or near enough that you will not notice.

Of course, they can always re-create your favourite pair of shoes or bags so you would not be worrying about wearing them out (or dying on you).

Studio Boheme are here to cater to your every (leather-based) need.

Click this link to Create your HB School Satchel.
HoneyBadger School Satchel Colors come to life! Wait and See! Create your own now!
To customize please message email at for the details. 
or go straight to filling up the order form- for final sure orders only


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