Most people, never naturally think about having carefulness as to what they wear on their feet. However, walking has become very popular over the past couple of decades as far as being used as an aerobic or cardiovascular exercise, so the best pick for me is the new Crocs Beach Line Collection.
What I'm Wearing: Crew Neck Bart Simpson Jacket (The Ramp Crossings), Mint Green Shades (Suiteblanco)Aztec Panel Cap (Folded and Hung), Tattered Denim Shorts (DIY) and Navy-white Beach Line Boat Shoe (CROCS)

CROCS recently launched their Beach Line Collection and I'm sure all you comfort & fashion loving people would love it. I even think it's one of their best so far. The launch was held at the super chill WhiteMoon Cafe inside Manila Ocean Park. 
Perfect timing - I got to wear it during our weekend trip! It is the most comfortable pair I have worn. It is lightweight, and fits snugly in my feet. 

                                     Crew Neck Bart Simpson Jacket (The Ramp Crossings)

Tattered Denim Shorts (DIY)

Aztec Panel Cap (Folded and Hung)

Navy-white Beach Line Boat Shoe (CROCS)

Below is the Crocs Beach Line Collection

Trends may come and go, but for this global footwear brand that has, over the years, retained its position as a go-to comfort and durable shoes, Crocs will not be pushed by a fad. For people who are looking for style comfort, and function, they know this is the brand for them, and understand how Crocs adds up to their personal style.

Visit for additional information, or visit Crocs Philippines on Facebook and @crocsph on Twitter.

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