Mega Style came with a contest of sending a picture via Twitter and be given away VIP passes for the upcoming  20 Most Stylish ball on April 17, 2012!  I sent them one stylish photo of mine and try if i can get the spot. And now the results are in, I am still at the height of wandering and excitement why they choose me as one of the MEGA MOST STYLISH blogger. Now the footprints is getting bolder, it's my time to enter the Fashion industry. Preparing the influx of the event this coming 17th of April. Thinking what to wear and whom will I give the Extra ticket. It's a Fashion Ball. Am I gonna wear something dark/rebel or neon prints to be stand-out? hmmm.

Looking forward to meet the other two co-winners @urban_dai and @sssteph92. Me want to build some kind  of friendship and be a shopping mate.
C H E E R I O.

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