Like them or ignore them, BROTHEL CREEPERS are the most talked about shoe of the season. I can’t say I truly love these, the beauty of the sole escapes me completely but then of course now that I’ve said that, there is a chance I might be wearing these in the near future. In the late 1950s, these shoes were taken up by the Teddy Boys, Brothel Creepers are a type of shoe most associated with Rock 'n' Roll music. 

They were invented in 1949 by George Cox six years before Rock 'n' Roll became popular. But since then they have been adopted by the Rock 'n' Roll / Rockabilly market as their trademark shoe.

The most famous of the Brothel Creeper shoes are of course the blue suede ones made famous by Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley.What are creepers, you ask? Creepers, or “brothel creepers”, are a chunky shoe style worn by punk, psychobilly, and Japanese visual kei subcultures. 

They are characterized by their thick soles, which are at least an inch high, and some styles have soles so thick that they qualify as platforms. They are typically laced near the ankle, like boat shoes, though some designs come with buckles instead of laces Creepers became much more mainstream from 2011 with popular artists such as R&B Singer Rita Ora and Rihanna.  

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  1. i believe that it is just moment style. it is disgusting to me..