This March, Stores Specialists, Inc. brings a fresh and contemporary fashion brand to Manila as they launch LACOSTE L!ve in the New Glorietta. Since 1933, LACOSTE has been the most beloved crocodile, outfitting generations of tennis athletes, prep boys and country-club girls. The brand has been singularly responsible for skyrocketing the preppy trend during the 80’s, filling the world with pastel pique shirts, sweaters, and chinos, and ever since then, LACOSTE has been a household name. But now that the brand is 80 years old, LACOSTE decides to live on the edge, with the younger, hipper, and so much cooler, LACOSTE L!VE. 

Opening its first boutique, 102 square-meter store at the New Glorietta, and its second shop in the country—the first being a well-designed corner in Rustan’s Tower — LACOSTE L!VE brings in the energy of the young and the restless in its gravity-defying store interiors. With merchandise suspended in magnetic hang-bars, colorful and quirky touches complementing the clothes, and wooden flooring that waxes nostalgia of your old high school gym, the store’s layout makes for a groundbreaking retail experience. LACOSTE L!VE’s clothing and accessories take on the direction of the street, cuing vintage references, hip-to-death details, quirky mix of color-ways and materials, and an irreverent twist to the classics, definitely LACOSTE’s rebellious offspring.

Its Spring Summer 2013 collection mixes the florals of the wild, untamed beaches, and off-the radar destinations for a look that is well into the underground yet brimming with the energy of
the now.

Its Spring Summer 2013 Women’s Collection is divided into three categories: Acid Coral, Wild Flowers, and La Piscine. With acid washed denims paired with the hues of the psychedelic sunset, Acid Coral presents summer essentials like white bikinis, low-cut cotton tees, hot pants and tube dresses, in color-ways that are a trip in its own. Get lost in a garden of vintage botanical prints juxtaposed with traditional Indian motifs, and you’d know, LACOSTE L!VE’s Wild Flowers Collection celebrates the vibe of folk and indie music found in their feather-light shirts, sweaters, skinny jeans, loose mini-skirts, and, of course, the quintessential polo shirt. Surprising details find their way in cable-knit sweaters and checked shirts, perhaps LACOSTE L!VE’s way of reminding us that there is more than meets the eye. Send the right signals when hitting the beach or the poolside, with LACOSTE L!VE’s La Piscine collection. Inspired by maritime flags, its crimson bathing suits, chlorine blue tees, yellow skirts and vintage sailor shirts make that commanding drop for the attention anchor this summer.

The Men’s Spring Summer 2013 LACOSTE L!VE Collection remixes the old-school with thefuturistic for a rocking collection built on wanderlust and hedonism—for really bad boys with really good style! LACOSTE L!VE’s Sabali Collection takes the men to Africa where ochres, rusts, oranges, and reds collide with geometric tribal prints for a collection grounded by an excellently tailored khaki bomber. Vintage surfer prints and Hawaiian florals find their way in button-downs for the heady Beach Burner collection. Inspired by the wild and colorful Venice Beach, LACOSTE L!VE puts eclecticism in full-throttle with tie-dyes in acid colors brought back to earth by blue chinos and black jacket for a look that is at once retro and revolutionary. And lastly, largely motivated by Manga, sumo wrestling, island surfing, and perhaps a bit of sushi on the side, LACOSTE L!VE’s Aloha from Japan collection features wave-printed polo shirts and Hawaiian shorts for a collection that brings the best of both island worlds.

LACOSTE L!VE’s accessories offer a perfect match to the men and women’s collection with its versatility and contrasting color-scheme. The small or medium satchel for the ladies takes on a space-age sheen in patent pumpkin orange or naval blue, a perfect punctuation when colorblocking. The tie-dye cotton tote, on the other hand makes the perfect beach companion and nothing else. The Dutch blue backpack for the guys is an instant classic; with its Delft color, and sturdy cotton material, it is these simple touches that finish the seamless look. The men’s messenger in deep red, however, makes a statement that is never too serious, never too mediocre either, just the right punch of color in an outfit. And finally, wallets and tablet sleeves in
coral and saffron make your cash-carrying and gadget-keeping summer-appropriate.

Oh, to grow up to be young again, LACOSTE L!VE shows us how to live in the now—not minding the mix or the match, the clash or the complements of colors and inspirations, nothing too serious and oftentimes a tad too playful—because, after all, clothes are made for us to enjoy, and fashion is all about having fun!

In the Philippines, Lacoste L!ve is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) and is located at New Glorietta & Rustan’s Tower Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

New Glorietta Store

Rustan’s Tower Shangri-La Plaza Mall Store

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