(WATCH) Alexander McQueen maniacal Fall 2012 Fashion Film

Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2012 RTW (Ready to Wear) is nothing short of breathtaking, now its been taken a bit further with the release of a Fashion Film.   Alexander McQueen has just released its campaign video for Fall 2012, taking viewers on a trippy sci-fi odyssey filled with billowing ruffles, mirrored visors, and a psychedelic display of flashing lights that would give even Grace Slick pause. The video was directed by David Sims, known for his work with the likes of Balmain, Alexander Wangand Isabel Marant.
Following the launch last week of Alexander McQueen's fall 2012 campaign, shot by David Sims, here's the supporting film, also directed by Sims and again featuring model Suvi Koponen. But be prepared for two minutes of cornea-searing, cortex-violating, hair-crimping post-production on a par with Yoshi Sodeoka.

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